Because an image is worth more than a thousand words, I created this 5-minute video with my favorite footage from the 2018 Latin American Fashion Summit. The event took place at the stunning Andaz Mayakoba Resort in the Riviera Maya, (I truly hope I made it justice with the video but I’ll also share a review later on). 

During those three inspiring days, I had the amazing opportunity to listen to people I never imagined I was ever going to meet. My favorite speakers were the Vogue México and LATAM team, Ismael Cala and the Colombian designer Esteban Cortázar. They all tapped into different topics based on their own areas of expertise. However, there were some common lessons I learned from all of them.

Creativity goes beyond art and design

It is an inherent quality of the human being. It’s our ability to solve all kinds of problems in non-conventional ways. And also, we should nourish it by fostering our curiosity instead of repressing it as we get older.

There needs to be a balance between our creative DNA and the ability to evolve

I think Cala summed it up really well by saying “We need to be like bamboo. With strong roots and values, but flexible and resilient enough to adapt and overcome obstacles”.

About LAFS

Latin American Fashion Summit (LAFS) is an empowerment platform that seeks to encourage emerging creatives and Latin American entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, providing them with an international setting to learn, connect and thrive. If you want to learn more about this platform, visit their website here.

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