BB Creams or Beauty Balms became very popular a few years ago because they combine the benefits of a moisturizer, a sunblock, and a light coverage foundation. So they’re super convenient when it comes to protecting your skin while also making it look prettier. 

They’re perfect for those days you want to let your skin rest but you still want to look put together. For example, running errands on weekends or at the beach.

The Best of Both Worlds

A little trick I’ve been using lately and that is working wonderfully, is to mix my favorite moisturizer and foundation. Technically is not a BB Cream, but the principle is the same. I get the benefits from the moisturizer and the light coverage (and SPF) from the foundation.

For this, I put some moisturizer on the back of my hand and then I add one or two drops of foundation. Then, I mix them with my finger or with a foundation brush and apply it on my face. I’m currently obsessed with Estée Lauder’s Day Wear moisturizer and Double Wear foundation. I love this combo because they’re both super light textured and oil free. They also give me a healthy-looking complexion and I don’t need to worry about retouches throughout the day. 

I really hope you’ve found this little trick useful for your own beauty routine. Let me know on the comments if you try it and if it works for you! As usual, thank you so much for being here and may the force be with you. Until next time!