It’s been 3 months since the Nicaraguan political crisis exploded, sadly it seems it is far from being over. The consequences have been devastating: hundreds of deaths, mass layoffs, political prisoners and thousands of Nicaraguans going into exile. On top of everything, there’s another issue that has caught my attention even if is not making headlines, yet. Trash. 

Nicaragua has never had an environmentally responsible culture or a good strategy when it comes to waste management. However, this has become so much more evident during the months of the crisis. During the worst days of the repression, garbage trucks would not pass by as a way of punishing “rebel” neighborhoods, so trash started to pile up on the streets.

This sight made me feel even more depressed at first but then, I realized something that changed me. There is not much I can do about the deaths, imprisoned and exiled, but maybe there are things I can do about the garbage problem. Of course, I will not be able to fix the whole problem on my own, but I can help it to become worse. 

Once You Notice the Trash You Cannot Ignore it Again

At the moment, my environmental consciousness is just that: a sense of awareness. But I am researching ways to reduce waste in my everyday life, save energy and water and recycle. I hope to share my discoveries with you on future posts.

I wanted to share this concern with you in case you’ve been feeling the same, regardless of where you live. Maybe I just wanted to say “you are not alone”. Because sharing our concerns and finding other people who feel the same is the very first action towards finding a solution. I also believe that even the smallest actions can make an impact, even if it doesn’t seem like much. Of course the largest impact we can make on any issue is spreading the word with those around us, and that is also why I decided to write this post. 

In Nicaragua’s case, we will have to rebuild our society from the ashes after this crisis, so I try to see this chaos as an opportunity. An opportunity to do things right this time and think in long, sustainable and democratic terms.

I hope this post wasn’t too grim and that has resonated with you. Please leave me a comment below to know how you feel about the environmental issues in your city. As always, thank you so much for being here and may the force be with all of us. Until next time!