Sometimes I like to think about shopping as a sport. It requires years of training and discipline to become a smart shopper. Throughout the years, I’ve had my ups and downs but now I feel like I’ve mastered a few basic rules that have taken my shopping habits to a new level, in a smart way. 

Cost per wear is basically how much you will pay for an item versus the number of times you will wear it. 

Sometimes, a very expensive item might turn out to be a great investment if you wear it again and again throughout many years. On the other hand, if you buy something very cheap but never use it, you’re basically throwing that money away.

For example, I bought this Coach Brooklyn Bag back in 2016 for US$550. Yes it was a splurge, and yes I felt super guilty at the time. However, for the past two years I’ve worn it an average of 4 times per week. That’s an average of 416 times, so the cost per wear is (more or less) US$1.38. And since it’s a timeless classic piece of high-quality materials, I will most likely continue wearing it for many years to come. Not bad.

The Opposite Case

On the other hand, I have a Zara dress that bought during the sales season that same year. It was US$16 but I never found the right occasion to wear it. So I basically wasted those US$16.

Of course by this I don’t mean you should only buy luxury items. There are also times when a true gem comes your way at a very low price. This is like hitting the jackpot and if it has happened to you, you know how good it feels. But let’s just say that the cost per wear rule is very helpful when it comes to decision making when you fall in love with certain items.

Please leave me a comment below to know what you think about the cost per wear rule. Also, feel free to share your own smart shopping tricks and hacks so we can continue with this subject on future posts! As usual, thank you very much for being here, and may the force be with you. Until next time!