About Dream Life Factory

I am Andrea and I created this blog to share stories about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle to inspire other women to dream big, take control of their lives and redesign them according to those dreams.

Dream Life Factory started as a hobby in 2011, where I used to share my creative experiments as a stylist for TV commercials and editorial photography. It then when into a long pause while I explored a carreer as a corporate comminications specialist for a government agency in Managua, Nicaragua. It was until 2016 that the blog evolved into something more serious, sharing tips, tutorials, DIY projects, personal stories, and fashion ideas; taking inspiration from the classic icons of the 60s and 70s as well as the “French girl style”.

Since then, Dream Life Factory has become not only a reflection of my personal evolution but also into a form of escape where other women can find visual inspiration as well as realistic ideas to apply to their everyday lives.

Life is not about finding ourselves, it’s about creating ourselves. This is the message I want to convey in this space. I firmly believe that we all have the power to create the life of our dreams, no matter where we are. It is not an easy or linear journey, but it is perfectly possible.

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“My life didn´t please me, so I created my life”.  Coco Chanel