If you have acne, you probably invest tons of time (and money) searching for a solution. I know this because I’ve struggled with acne for almost three years. A while ago, I shared with you my experience dealing with the worst acne crisis of my life, and how I managed to overcome it. 

But recently, I’ve discovered I was also guilty of some really bad habits that were contributing to the problem and slowing down my recovery. That’s why today I want to share 9 of them, so you can observe your own behavior and hopefully put an end to them as well.

You don’t clean your phone

Have you ever thought about how much your phone is exposed to bacteria on a daily basis? Just think about how many times you touch it without washing your hands, or right after handling money. Your phone is probably one of the dirtiest items in your life, and one that constantly rubs your face. That’s why it is so important to clean the screen with a sanitizing wipe every night, or every other night. 

You don’t clean your face at night (or not entirely)

We all know sleeping in your makeup is a recipe for dull skin and premature aging. But if you have acne it gets even worse. If this is your case, wiping away your makeup is not enough. You also need to wash your face with water and a foam cleanser to make sure all pores are unclogged and all makeup residues are removed.

You don’t moisturize

This is a common one when you have oily skin. It kind of makes sense to think that if your skin is already oily, adding moisturizing equals more oil. However, it is the other way around. When skin is dehydrated, it starts producing more oil to compensate. So you really need to moisturize to help it achieve a healthy balance. Just make sure you find the ideal product for your skin type. 

You don’t exfoliate properly

Exfoliation is key to remove dead cells, unclog pores and promote circulation. But doing it in excess can cause skin damage that may lead to more breakouts. So its all about balance. For this, you can use a gentle face brush or a konjac sponge for your daily routine, and a scrub or mask once a week.

You touch your face too much

Touching your face without washing your hands is one of the worst things you can do if you have acne prone skin. I used to do this all the time without even realizing it. Every time I was bored, or when I had a really anoying pimple, I would touch it all the time. The result, was more bacteria going into my face and consequently, more acne. It took a great deal of will power and self-discipline for me to beak out of this habit, but it paid off really quickly. So make sure you’re not making the same mistake as me!

You don’t drink enough water 

Water is key for the proper functionality of our organs; and skin is our largest organ. Our skin need water not only to stay hydrated but also to eliminate toxins. When you don’t drink enough water these toxins get trapped in your pores, contributing to breakouts. That’s why you should drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

You don’t wash your makeup brushes 

Just like any other object, makeup brushes and sponges accumulate dust and grow bacteria. That’s why is so important to wash them at least every two weeks and let them air dry. There are a lot of specialized products for this but baby shampoo does the trick just as well.

You sleep on a dirty pillow

This is probably the least obvious mistake. At least to me it was. But it is just as bad as the other ones. During the night, your pillow gets in contact with all sorts of residues like hair products and sweat, and then transfers them to your face. That’s why it’s so important to change your pillow case every other day, even if you change your sheets less often. 

You eat too many carbs 

A very common myth is that fats cause acne. But the truth is carbohydrates cause more damage. When you eat too many carbs (and I don’t mean just sugar), your pancreas secretes insulin. In the long run, this can cause serious damage to your metabolism and your hormones. So even if you’re not struggling with your weight, if you suffer from hormonal acne, you might want to check your diet and your carbs’ consumption. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it helps you identify additional factors that might be contributing to your acne problems. Remember to leave a comment below letting me know if you liked it and if you’re guilty of one or more of these mistakes. As always, thank you so much for being here, and may the force be with you. Until next time! 

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